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Saúl Moreno Valdespino

Saúl Moreno Valdespino

More than 20 years ago I started to get inside the advertising market in Mexico by working in companies that attended this sector using all available media at that time.

Then, after being involved in several duties related to audiovisual activities, I found a particular attraction to recording and editing digital audio and non-linear video editing (which were brand new activities those days). That was how I started to work with the first systems that were developed for those services.

During the following years I went on driving more professional and sophisticated tools, earning experience in the use and application of special equipment for production and postproducion workflows for audio and video. Nowadays I am totally dedicated to production, recording and professional editing of audio and image for movies, advertising and the Recording Industry. Also, I'm a Certified Trainer which gives me the chance to teach and give high-level advice to those requiring it.

In the last years I've been participating in the production of several cinematographic projects in short and feature. I've been part of production teams for well-known artists, and today I've got credits in many titles of commercial and independent releases. I am very glad of have been directing in hundreds of commercials, working in all scales of the process from planning to postproduction, sometimes with my eyes, someothers with my ears, but always with my heart.

So, being so vast and fertile the creativity fields in Mexico, I feel like sowing and seizing. I've been through some sweet and some bitter seasons, and no matter the winds, there are printed in my history so many shows of what not only me consider my talent. I hope that from now on there will be fresh seed to keep growing the great love that I feel for my work...

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