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Prices in US Dollars, subject to change without notice. Don't forget that if you have questions or any comments, please contact us.


Price list       2016

Online UHD editing by hour $130.00    
Online audio editing for video by hour $130.00    
Audio editing for Radio by hour $85.00    
Sound Design by hour $155.00    

Audio editing for cinema    
Max of 10 min.   $770.00    
from 10 to 20 min.   $1,370.00    
from 20 to 30 min.   $1,970.00    
from 30 to 60 min.   $3,090.00    
from 60 to 120 min.   $7,725.00    

Music library (Royalty free)    
Max of 1 min.   $70.00    
from 1 to 2 min.   $95.00    
from 2 to 5 min.   $130.00    
from 5 to 10 min.   $170.00    

Other services        
Voiceover recording for Teaser (Spanish or English)   $260.00    
Voiceover recording for Ad spot max of 60 sec (Spanish or English)   $670.00    
Voiceover recording for Video (Spanish or English) by min. $77.00    

Mastering (includes media, but not shipping)    
Professional Mastering for Distribution Base 74 min. $1,000.00    
Audio CD Base 74 min. $85.00    
DDP files Base 74 min. $25.00    
Subtitles (does not include translation) by min. $35.00    

Video and audio edit Special Offers*    
6 studio hours   $440.00    
10 studio hours   $820.00    
20 studio hours   $2,575.00    
30 studio hours   $1,920.00    
40 studio hours   $2,470.00    
* Plain cut or simple transition, off-line, includes audio editing. More time available upon arrangement.

On location and direct recording packs
Direct audio for video, cinema and TV productions by day $390.00    
  by week $1,500.00    
Includes: Pro Tools for recording all channels needed in AIFF or BWF with embedded time code and direct backup to camera if hardware allows it. 2 boundry mics, 4 wireless lavaliers, 1 shotgun mic with boom pole, 5 headphone sets for direction and production staff. Operator and assistant, all cables and connectors needed.        

It does not include transportation expenses nor travel fees during production, as well as insurance.The work day is set in 16 hours max.

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